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Andy Buyting

President & CEO

Certified Gazelles International Strategic Advisor

Carle Ventures Inc. / Carle Publishing Inc.

Phone: (506) 454-8735 | Cell: (506) 238-4683

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Andy Buyting understands business and what it takes to run a successful company. He grew up in business, beginning when he was just six years old working for his father evenings and weekends, and later starting his first real estate business at age 19. 

Andy is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick's Business Administration program and Birthing Of Giants, a three-year course on entrepreneurship at MIT sponsored by the Entrepreneurs' Organization in conjunction with Inc. Magazine and the MIT Enterprise Forum. Andy is currently enrolled in the prestigious Gathering Of Titans program at MIT, a continuation of Birthing Of Giants limited to only a select group of graduates. 

Andy brings over 20 years of sales, marketing, operations, business development, entrepreneurship, management and executive experience to his clients. He works with hiring managers, business owners and executives to deliver services including strategic planning, human resource management, recruiting and executive coaching. As a Certified Toastmaster & public speaker, Andy regularly delivers keynotes and motivational workshops related to business and entrepreneurship. 

As a Certified Gazelles International Strategic Advisor, Andy provides strategic direction for high growth companies and their management teams as they expand into the future. Using the Gazelles International strategies and methodology, he facilitates a structured approach to the Four Decisions™ framework; People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.