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Networking to Build Business Relationships

Facilitator: Aldéa Landry, CM, PC, QC, Landal Inc.

How many times have we heard someone say “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that really matters?” Successful entrepreneurs know that a combination of both practical skills and a wide bank of contacts are necessary to bring in new business. However, we often get busy with the day to day operations that we underestimate the importance of taking time to attend events to build new business relationships and foster existing ones.

Strategically and effectively networking is an art that can be learned like anything else, and this workshop can help you learn it quickly.

Join our half-day workshop to learn how to make the most of your networking opportunities and gain confidence in your ability to network effectively.

In a fun, interactive workshop, facilitator Aldéa Landry, Landal Inc. will discuss:

  • How to understand the unwritten “rules” of networking
  • How to use the tools that work to network effectively
  • How to exercise appropriate approaches for different contexts
  • How to sell yourself in the best light


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