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Old School Networking with New School Tools

Facilitator: Michèle Brideau, Michèle C. Brideau Consulting LTEE.

Don't wait until you've lost a contract or clients!.This half day or full day workshop is designed for business owners who want to network more consistently to promote themselves and their business to a wider audience.

Learn how to combine old school networking face to face time with social media platforms allowing you to extend your reach and grow your network while catching up on your email or news on your laptop or tablet. This workshop will walk you through maximizing your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms to enhance your investment of face to face time and increase your business.

Learn how you can:

  • Use additional LinkedIn features to grow your network
  • Maximize your reach on LinkedIn by improving your profile
  • Track your business and client leads in an effective way using social media Increase your reach
  • Build a larger network when attending events by sharing your experience on-line
  • Use Twitter as a research and networking tool to meet the people who can help you grow your business


DURATION: ½ day (Beginners)

                     Full day (Advanced)

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