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Intermediate Facebook Using Twitter as a Content Management

(for intermediate users)

Facilitator: Michèle C. Brideau Consulting

This workshop will guide you through a quick but thorough check of the initial set-up which includes:

  • Security settings
  • Page interactions
  • Choosing administrators
  • Blocking and messaging options

Each participant will also have the opportunity to:

  • Design more impactful posts
  • Choose their audience
  • Schedule updates
  • Tour the new options offered by Facebook.

In this workshop Twitter is used primarily as a content management and research tool. The workshop will conclude with:

  • Overview of Facebook ads
  • What it means to boost posts
  • Potential budget
  • Special promotion options to drive traffic to your page and website.

Length: ½ day

 Guidelines for participants taking this workshop:

  • Participants should already have a business Facebook page established with a min. of 35 likes. 
  • You must bring your own laptop that is Wi-Fi compatible. Make sure you have your power cord with you.
  • If you have never used your laptop outside of your office or home – do test your Wi-Fi capacity in a public area such as a mall, hotel or restaurant.
  • Bring a computer mouse if you are not accustomed to using the mouse pad on your laptop.
  • Make sure your anti-viral software is on and up to date.

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