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LinkedIn for Beginners/intermediate

This workshop is designed for participants who want to start promoting themselves and their business on a social media platform dedicated specifically to businesses of all sizes and across all sectors.  

LinkedIn is the fastest growing professional networking site with over nine million users in Canada. This workshop will walk you through the process of opening an account and filling out your profile based on your most current resume. Next, you will learn how to build a virtual network to enhance your existing network and dedicate these resources to growing your business.  

This workshop also offers a look at LinkedIn company pages, an overview of various LinkedIn features such as discussion forums, professional groups, how to share reading lists, recruit, research and make the most of the latest statistics. Lastly a quick overview of twitter as the perfect complement to LinkedIn will round out this workshop.

(Note: Participants will have to complete their LinkedIn profile at home as time will not allow to complete during the workshop.)

Participant Requirements 

What each participant needs to maximize their learning time with this workshop:

  • Must bring a laptop/tablet with wireless connection used in a public place.
  • Have user knowledge of a smartphone or tablet.
  • Have a current resume with them (on file and printed on paper).
  • Must have recent photos and logos on his/her laptop.
  • Must have knowledge of social media: Facebook, Google, YouTube, and general knowledge of Twitter or have an account.

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