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Collecting Receivables and Managing Your Cash Flow | HST/Income Tax | Introduction to Bookkeeping | Inventory Management | Reducing Your Breakeven | Setting the Right Price for Your Product or Service | Cash Flow Management | Accounts Receivables | Understanding the Numbers | A Guide to Business Financing

Collecting Receivables and Managing Your Cash Flow

This workshop will provide you with strategies and best practices to monitor your cash flow and get paid on time.  Learn how you can better collect on outstanding receivables, how to avoid aged receivables, and how to manage and monitor cash flow.

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • Monitoring cash flow with an easy-to-implement daily operating control system
  • Practical aspects of how to prevent bad debt
  • Procedure, documents and standards for credit & collection

Target Audience: The workshop has been designed to target both new and existing SME owners and managers who are experiencing difficulty in collecting receivables and managing cash flow.


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