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Human Resources Management - Overview

Facilitator: Pro-Results Inc.


Small and medium sized business owners and managers


What is the best way to manage people and enhance their productivity?

People are more productive when they know clearly what is expected from them, when they get feedback on their performance, and when they have a clear idea where they fit in the company's plans for the future. People also enjoy their work when they communicate well with their colleagues and managers, and see the results of their performance or their team's performance.

The Basics of Human Resource Management provides a simple and systematic approach to managing these key success factors, and help ensure that your employees are content and productive in the workplace.

Learn the key components of human resource management and how to build an effective human resource management system for your company.


In a hands-on, interactive workshop you will learn to...

  • Develop a staffing plan
  • Establish a performance management system
  • Determine training and development needs
  • Foster positive employee relations (communication)
  • Handle layoffs and terminations    

And more…


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