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Retaining Employees In Today’s Economy

Facilitator: Monique Gallie, Gallie Wellness


Small and medium sized business owners and managers


With the economic challenges and changing workforce demographics in New Brunswick, companies are facing issues of retention they have not experienced in the past. During difficult economic times, companies cannot afford to lose their best employees.

It’s a critical time for business owners and managers to recognize the role they play in creating employee engagement and retaining employees. This workshop will help companies develop awareness, strategies, actions and an approach for improved employee retention throughout the organization.


In a hands-on interactive workshop you will learn about:

  • the urgency for retention,
  • cost of employee turnover,
  • organizational issues that contribute to turnover,
  • the link between employee engagement and retention,
  • what the best employers are doing about retention,
  • the “right” practices for your organization,

and more…


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