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HR Starter Kit for a Digital Age

Facilitator: Michèle Brideau, Michèle C. Brideau Consulting Inc.

Finding yourself about to go from 1 to 5 employees or 5 employees to 15 and more? This half day or full day workshop is for businesses about to hire their first employee or 50th looking to expand their workforce to meet new business demand.

In this digital age HR best practices are changing rapidly to keep up with technology (think Pokémon Go). This workshop offers participants 10 basic HR policies and procedures that take cell phone use, over use of email, messaging and social media into account. It also includes templates and examples the business owner can start using now.

Learn how you can:

  • Get the tools and understand how recruiting and hiring are done today and find the right people
  • Design job descriptions and task list that help you with the orientation and training of new staff
  • How 10 basic HR policies can help your business thrive
  • Better use technology and social media to attract the best talent
  • Overview of best course correction techniques, the importance of evaluations and training for staff

Length: ½ day or full day

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