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Business & Entrepreneurial Leadership

Facilitator: Carolyn Watson, Cwatson HR Consulting

Of all the ingredients essential for success in small and medium-sized enterprises, effective leadership is vital. Effective leaders understand their role. They obtain the necessary skills and competencies, but they add to that by behaving in ways that inspire others. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, or supervisor, you need to know how to exhibit strong leadership skills and be the person others in the organization want to emulate.

Learn how to recognize and build the effective leadership habits that spell success.

At our workshop, expert facilitator and HR specialist Carolyn Watson will guide you through a self-assessment of your current leadership skills and teach you practical, ready-to-use methods to exercise your leadership.


  • What is really expected of effective leaders and what is their role 
  • The habits of effective leaders 
  • How to recruit, promote, and train leaders
  • How to build a leadership action plan for yourself, your business, and your employees


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