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Respect in the Workplace

Facilitator: Monique Gallie, Gallie Wellness

Is keeping the respect in your workplace difficult? Is there conflict that seems to never be addressed and/or resolved? What about those behaviors that border on bullying and/or harassment?

In this workshop, participants will gain an awareness of negative office behaviors. This course will cover strategies to help participants address these difficult situations when they arise.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Identify challenging and disrespectful behaviors;
  • Explore what bullying and harassment are, and what they are NOT;
  • Learn ways to promote respect, disarm and prevent bullying, discrimination, and harassment;
  • Use communication approaches that enable respect and teamwork with these people demonstrating difficult behaviors. Who will benefit from this session?
  • Employees being faced with difficult situations
  • Leaders and managers wanting to know how to address these behaviors in the workplace

Length: Full Day or ½ Day

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