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Branding #3

Click & Post: Personal and Business Branding 

Facilitator: Michèle C. Brideau Consulting

Better manage your personal and corporate image by understanding that each click, post, like, share, photo, video and comment becomes part of your overall brand. Learn how you can consciously and actively mange key elements of your on-line presence while keeping the ideal balance between you as a private person and a business owner. All this to be able to remain true to yourself and offer your clients the best possible service

Learn how to:

  • Align your personal and your corporate brand
  • Choose and manage the content you want to share with your clients
  • Represent your brand when using texts, email, posts, photos and video
  • Use Twitter as a research engine and content management tool
  • Assess your on-line presence to plan your branding efforts


Lenght: 1/2 day


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