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Stress Management

Facilitator: Pro-Results Inc.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Small and medium sized business owners/managers and their staff

This half-day workshop examines how unmanaged stress can impact our wellbeing, relationships and productivity at work and beyond. Participants will discover a competency that is shared by happy people worldwide, that each of us can further develop to use for ourselves.

They will learn and practice techniques that will help them respond to stress in a proactive, positive and confident manner.

Participants will leave the workshop with:

 An understanding that stress is a universal response that, when managed, is helpful in our lives

An improved ability to recognize the negative symptoms of stress in themselves and in others. Through in-session exercises, they will develop strategies to respond to these situations

A take-away guide with up-to-date resources and tools available for people feeling overly challenged with stress. We will encourage participants to personalize their guides to ensure they can serve as sources of inspiration and guidance into the future

Increased awareness of how personal experiences and characteristics influence individuals’ attitudes, perceptions and habits. Participants will complete confidential assessments identifying how they respond and cope with stress. They will analyze their personal information to develop a SMART plan focused on building upon their inherent strengths and capabilities to enjoy healthier and more satisfying lives.

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DURATION: 1/2 day

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