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Starting a Business in New Brunswick

Facilitator: Laurie Bourque, Kensington Associates

Today’s business landscape is a rapidly changing one. Globalization and online trade has resulted in competition and markets which are no longer located down the street, within the province or even on the continent. Product life cycles have reduced from decades to months. Product development cycles have reduced from years to months.

Highly skilled employees are available but there is intense competition to attract and retain them. ‘Career’ employees are a thing of the past.

These dynamic conditions reinforce the fact that in today’s business environment, the need to be aware of current challenges and ability to develop appropriate strategies is of paramount importance to new entrepreneurs looking to start a successful business.

Learn how Awareness and Planning can provide you with valuable tools as you move to launch your new enterprise.

Summary of the topics covered:

  • Idea Generation and Market Research
  • Choosing a Location
  • Structure / Registering & Choosing a Name
  • Hiring Local Staff
  • Professional Services that can help
Lenght: 1/2 day


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