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Pierre Babineau

Business Analyst and E-Marketing Specialist

Pierre is a seasoned marketer and entrepreneur. As a business analyst and e-marketing specialist with NuFocus Strategic Group, Pierre has been working on various projects with regional and national companies helping them with branding, social media, marketing strategy, execution, operations improvement and website development.

An expert on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, he has designed and managed social media strategies for numerous companies.

Founder of Peach Marketing Agency, specializing in online marketing, he has extensive experience in the international marketplace working for SMEs in the USA, India and South Africa helping to organize international trade missions and facilitate foreign trade development.

As Co-owner and Editor of Bouffe Media (, a publication that explores the world of the international food scene, Pierre has designed and executed social media strategies and managed an e-advertising campaign for this national magazine. Recently, Bouffe became one of L’Acadie Nouvelle’s new food news content providers.

He holds an MBA in Marketing from Université Laval, a Business Degree from Université de Moncton (international management), a management certificate from l’École supérieure de commerce of Amiens, France and a Certificate of Sustainable Business Development from Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara, Mexico.