pro results newlogoPro-Results Inc. provides businesses, volunteer organizations and public service agencies with practical, dynamic and customized training and facilitation sessions aimed at improving human resource productivity and quality of life. Results for clients include:

  • A clearly defined sense of direction incorporated in a vision, mission, mandate, values, priority strategic goals and objectives;
  • A functional decision-making structure establishing the accountability relationships between the shareholders/organization membership, senior management and employees as they remain client-oriented;
  • Manager-friendly human resource management systems;
  • A policy manual incorporating the policies and procedures governing the management of its human, material and financial resources;
  • Motivated workers and managers working as a team with improved interpersonal communication skills.

Pro-Results Highlights

  • Experience in most Canadian provinces and territories
  • Customized and dynamic training and facilitation services in French and English
  • Management training focused on results
  • Clear sense of strategic direction
  • Improved communications within the company/organization
  • Practical tools for managing more efficiently human, material and financial resources

Pro-Results Inc.
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Ginette Morrison, Pro-Results Inc.

Ginette Morrison is the General Manager/Owner of Pro-Results. She graduated from l'Université de Moncton with a Bachelor of Arts and also has a Rehabilitation Teaching Diploma. She has taken various courses in Business Administration as well as Human Resources Management. She was employed as a manager/supervisor at the heart of many non-profit organizations in New Brunswick and Ontario for several years, including the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, the regional health and community services of the Red Cross, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Ginette has always been very active in volunteer work and community involvement, serving on the Silver Anniversary Committee and the CNIB Advisory Board, and working for events like the Lions Telethon, Operation Red Nose and Coats for Kids (Ontario).

Richard L. Daigle, Pro-Results Inc.

Richard Daigle is a native of New Brunswick and has completed 38 years as a member of the RCMP. He has worked in this province since 1974 and has founded and managed different programs within the Force, including the Crime Stoppers Program. Rick has extensive experience in dealing with all three levels of government. He has delivered numerous presentations to most municipal councils, many provincial and federal departments, the financial services community and many service groups throughout the province. He has developed and taught the first media relations course for the RCMP in New Brunswick. He is known for his public relations, communication and organizational skills. Rick has been delivering workshops for Pro-Results since his retirement from the RCMP in 2007.

Dorina St Onge, Pro-Results Inc.

Dorina St OngeDorina St Onge graduated from l’Université de Moncton,where she obtaineda Masters in Education-Counselling. She also has extensive training and knowledge in the areas of non-violent intervention, suicide and crisis prevention as well many courses related to the correctional field.

Her work experience includes several years (21) of teaching the Correctional Techniques Program at the New Brunswick Community College at the Dieppe campus.  The courses taught by Dorina at the Community College level include Psychology, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Communication, Sociology among others.  She has also worked as a Parole Board Member for the Parole Board of Canada for the Atlantic Region for a number of years

Starting in 2012 she has been a trainer for Pro-Results, a consulting firm based in Dieppe which specializes in human resources training.

Thérèse Léger

Thérèse Léger has over twenty years of experience as an educator at the Community College level. Her areas of expertise are Customer Service, Management and Marketing, Interpersonal Relationships as well as a variety of Fine Arts and Design courses such as Gemology and History of Art. Thérèse has also worked for the Village Historique Acadien and Le Pays de la Sagouine in management and supervisory roles.

Thérèse has been a trainer for Pro-Results, a consulting firm based in Dieppe which specializes in human resources training for a number of years.